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Film, Television and Photography at the Fort MacArthur Museum
Since 1933, Fort MacArthur has been the go to location for filming in Southern California

Fort MacArthur has an association with the entertainment industry that goes back over 75 years. From the earliest "talkies" through the latest adventures films, we've been happy and proud to work with you on your feature film, commercial, television, music video or photo shoot.

With our varied terrain, spectacular ocean views and historic military structures, we can provide you with a space that meets your exact needs, and a staff that has a long history of working with production crews to support turning your vision into reality. From underground bunkers to grassy fields, the Fort is a great place to shoot any number of scenes.

Located a mere 26 miles from downtown Hollywood, less than 20 miles from LAX and Long Beach airport, and with easy access from the rest of Southern California, Fort MacArthur is an extremely convenient location to use. And we are well within the 30-Mile Studio Zone.

As a working US Army Coastal Defense location from 1914 to 1974, Fort MacArthur can provide the right environment for military shows from WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam. But the Fort shouldn't be typecast as a military facility. In fact we've been seen as everything from a baseball field to a Caribbean island to a high security prison. With the acreage that we have available, we can accommodate most requirements for both day and night shoots.

And locations aren't all that we can provide. We have a dozen vehicles in our military vehicle collection ranging from a 1918 FWD Cargo Truck to a WWII Half Track, all completely operable. Add to that a set of 1942 GE & Sperry 60" Searchlights and generators, along with their companion 3-man 40mm mobile anti aircraft gun. And we are constantly working on restoring new purchases and donations so the list continues to grow.

Beyond the vehicle and mobile equipment collection, Fort MacArthur can also provide genuine period uniforms, non-firing weapons, tents, small props and consulting expertise for your productions.

For more information or to schedule a production on site, please contact Steve Nelson at director@ftmac.org.

View West from Top of Battery

View East from Top of Battery to Farley Pit

View South over field to Catalina

View North, looking into Battery Courtyard

Walkway with view into Courtyard

Walkway towards Stairs and access road

Battery Osgood Commander Station Exterior

Plotting Room door in Courtyard

1943 Willies Jeep

1941 Dodge Command Car

1918 Dodge Brothers Truck

1918 Dodge Brothers Truck

Some of Our Credits

     A Few Good Men
     Pearl Harbor
     Cats & Dogs 2
     Private Benjamin
     The Usual Suspects
     Don't Mess with the Zohan
     Tora! Tora! Tora!
     Slaughterhouse Rock
     Swing Shift
     Brothers War
     Stage Door Canteen
     Troopers Three
     O'Hara, U.S. Treasury

 TV Shows:
     Ghost Whisperer
     Buffy the Vampire Slayer
     The A-Team
     Torchwood - Miracle Day

Available For Productions

     1918 FWD Cargo Truck
     1918 Dodge Brothers Repair Truck
     1941 1/2 Ton Command Car
     1941 1/2 Ton Ambulance
     1941 1/2 Ton Pickup Truck
     1942 GE 60-inch Searchlight
     1942 Sperry 60-inch Searchlight
     1942 Bofors M1 40mm Mobile AA Gun
     1943 3/4 Ton Command Car
     1943 Willies Jeep
     1944 Deuce and a Half
     1945 M16A2 Half Track with Quad 50  

 Uniforms & Accessories:
     Various Field Equipment












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