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General Electric Model GM-12 Generator Set
For the first time in over a half-century, the power room has a working generator!

The Fort MacArthur Museum Association is proud to announce the arrival of our latest artifact for Battery Osgood-Farley. A working General Electric Model GM-12 Generator. The is a culmination of sorts of the work done by successive generations of volunteers here at the museum. In the mid-50's the army offered up the original generators at Fort MacArthur for sale or scrap. In the mid-80's volunteers cleaned up the damage created by a fire-bombing. In the late 80's a group of our volunteers secured a loan from of a derelict GM-12 from the National Parks Service (from Fort Hancock). Museum Director Steve Nelson recovered another one from the jungles of Panama when he was fresh on the job in the 1990's. Over the years, our volunteers have worked hard to restore the power room, with its massive distribution panel, original radiators, generators, and transformers.

Earlier this year, the opportunity presented itself for the association to purchase a working GM-12 from a private collector in Pennsylvania. The only catch was that the owner insisted on doing business in-person! So in April 2007, with the approval of the Board of Directors, Steve Nelson, John Kanaster, and Joe Janesic, with the help of our east coast host and guide Andy Grant from the Army Ground Forces Association,  headed east to try and seal the deal.

We succeeded! The new generator arrived at Battery Osgood-Farley at 10:00am on June 23, 2007. Thanks to the help of Bill Hazzard from the Rough & Tumble Museum of Knizers Pennsylvania.

The generator was in place and ran for the first time by 12:30pm this afternoon. In the coming weeks and months, our volunteers will finish the plumbing for the cooling system and further tune the power room. We hope to be able to run regular demonstrations of the new generator for our visitors in the near future.

Power Room is ready for the new generator, the Fort Hancock generator is in the background

The new GM-12 arrives at 10:00am on the back of Bill Hazzard's truck, Bill has traveled from York, P.A.

Unwrapped and ready for the lift

Osgood-Farley Power Room is in the background

Moving into position, thanks to the loan of a forklift
from our good friends at Vanco Heavy Lift

Up in the air and off the trailer, we have to be extra careful with this one, it weighs almost 6,000 lbs!

You know... it's going to be a tight squeeze

But we have the skill and the experience

Final position check

Bill Hazzard and Bart Rowlett get ready to fire it up!

Continuing Projects

     60" General Electric Searchlight Project
     Time-Interval Bell for the Gun Pit
     60" Sperry Searchlight Project
     Battery Window Replacement Project


Want To See It Run?

The pictures are great, but if you really want to see what the General Electric GM-12 generator looks like when it's running, you have to take a few minutes and download the video to your computer.

 Click on this link
10meg Windows Media file

You can either run it from the website or "right click" and choose "Save Target As" to download it

The GM-12 Install Team

  • Steve Nelson

  • Bart Rowlett

  • Bill Hazzard

  • Joe Janesic

  • Cisco Lacy

  • Nick Pilato

  • Tom Grove

  • Dennis DuVall

  • Michael Biscan

  • Ralph Madina

  • Pete Demmitt












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